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Vacation Rental ♿️ Hello, we are no longer having the air b&b feature.

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

I would like to say a few words about the progress of the vacation rental Reno.

We are working hard to have the sanctuary ready by mid May for vacationers wanting to rent a high end suite for a few nights, a week or longer. We had initially set the fees on the Airbnb site but are considering reducing them for the initial start up to help boost reservations after the Covid 19 has run it's course and people feel safe to travel again. More on those changes at a later date.

Pipe organists and RCCO members who may wish to spend a few days with us and hold recitals or work shops for local school aged musicians on our 1902 Casavant Opus 163 pipe organ. Eventually some of the unique structural features of the vintage Casavant, now hidden behind or under wooden floors and walls, will be visible through clear Lexan panels. We are maintaining it in it's original form. Many thanks to our pipe organ tech, Colin Walsh, at Terrance Bay.

For the Artists, we can recommend and help you get to areas of interest where you may wish to paint. The beautiful Bay of Fundy shore or our own look off at the Provincial park on top of the mountain, overlooking the Annapolis River. Pack a lunch and make a day of it. Perhaps by weeks end you could arrange an exhibit for the locals and maybe sell your work. Rental fees are based on length of time stayed. A group could split the cost between them and stay for a week.

For the Musicians, we have 50 guitars (many of them vintage electric including a one owner 1963 Fender P bass and one of only 341 Martin E-18 electric guitars, built in 1979 when Martin was attempting to break into the electric guitar scene), drums, a baby grand piano and Roland electric keyboard, four early 60's Fender tube amps, stage monitors, PreSonus StudioLive 16.2.0 mixing console. A Roland VS-840GX and Zoom HD16 for those who like to dabble with the older gear. We have stage lighting as well. Maybe you can put on a show for the locals. I am NOT a sound engineer by any stretch of the imagination but we do pretty well at the Tues. open mic and band rehearsals on Wednesdays. The acoustics are awesome in the Sanctuary, making it easy to create beautiful music without a-lot of gear or experience needed.

We are a small informal venue with seating capacity for up to 90. If you like to perform in a casual house concert type atmosphere we will all have a great time! There is more than one professional sound engineer in the area that could be hired as well. By all means bring your own sound engineer, and gear if you wish. I will be posting pics of our gear at a later date. Come and jam in a beautiful and relaxing setting or record a live set/video of that new song you just wrote. The acoustics are magnificent! With 17 ft walls and the ceiling peaking out at 35ft, there is lots of room for a professional drone handler to shoot the scene. Accent on PROFESSIONAL!! Lol

Dawn and Scott


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