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Recent Reno’s! Just want to catch you all up on our recent renovations !!

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Here are a few things we have been working on as we inch closer to booking our first guests !

The old church fans were removed and our much larger fans were installed by Scott!

Quite the job as he had to set up 4 levels of scaffolding and climb up and down with all the gear, which was very time consuming!

Once that was done he wanted to begin working on the staircase going up to the balcony where the guest bedroom is .However, before he could begin that, the trim around the 10’ high windows needed to be built , sanded, primed, and painted!!

So, that took another week or more to finish the 4 windows on the east side!!

Now Scott could measure, plan and begin the stairs!!

The pew seats are being planed now as I write this and will be used for the stair treads!!

Scott is wondering if we should stain them black, but I think just a clear varnish would be nice!!

Well , that is all for now.

Stay tuned for more updates!

this is where the TV, stereo, phono etc. will go

The Stair treads and center core are repurposed from the pews. The rails are repurposed from an old house. The birds eye maple on the newel posts came from New Brunswick when I lived there back in 2005 ish.

I can not fasten the spindles just yet. Still waiting for some connecter shoes from Amazon.

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