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New Clothing and Accessory Line

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

We are very exited that Dawn's images have been picked up by a Montreal based clothing and accessories manufacturer. All items are designed by in house professionals, based on Dawn's original artwork. These items are crafted in there own shop in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

So far they have chosen one of Dawn's art originals, but as sales and interest in their products increases they will choose more of Dawn's art to put on their clothing and accessory line.

We are including the link to their website where you can purchase directly from them. Dawn will receive a royalty from sales. We also hope to be carrying these items in on our gallery here in Bridgetown in the near future.

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Hello Susie!

Sorry I missed your letter! My partner found it and sent it to me!

Nice to hear from you.

Please send me your e mail and I can send photos of Germaine Arnauktoyuk’s artwork that I am now ready to sell!’

We are just now heading off to Digby for shopping, great fresh fish market, yum!!

Look forward to chatting with you soon, thank you for reaching out, and I will phone you later!

Have a great day,



Well done, Dawn!,

I met you in Yellowknife in 2004! I was studying at Aurora College in the Nurse Practitioner course. I discovered your delightful shop and bought many gifts. 2 were. The umbrellas. One I took with me to Somalia, Africa where I worked with Doctor’s Without Borders. I have a photo of the female surgeon and I crossing a very dangerous river, full of crocodiles, sitting under the umbrella to protect us from the intense equatorial sun!

You and I had discussions about Gloria Arnaktauyak’s

work where upon you showed me your amazing collection in those wide drawers. Wondering if you would be so inclined to sell any pieces? please let me know!

Good luck on your new…

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